Dear colleagues,

It is our great pleasure and honor to invite you to participate at the 30th Danube Psychiatric Symposium with the topic “ICD-11 and Creative Pharmacotherapy in Psychiatry: Challenges and Perspectives”. The current ICD-10/11 and DSM-5 classifications are criticized due to their atheoretical approach, low diagnostic validity and high rate of artificial comorbidities. Improving treatment strategies for mental disorders is considered as a central health challenge of the dawn of the 21st century, particularly in the light of common comorbidities of mental disorders and somatic diseases. As a specialty of medicine, psychiatry follows some trends in medicine in which the concept of predictive, preventive, precision, person-centered and participatory medicine (5PMed) is a new emerging paradigm. The conceptual change from blockbuster medicine via stratified medicine to precision, person-centered medicine has started to influence the way that drugs are developed by pharma industry and prescribed in clinical practice. Although 5PMed in psychiatry is still in its infancy age, it opens up new possibilities for providing old dream “right care and treatment to the right person at the right time” into reality. Pharmacotherapy in psychiatry can be conceptualized in the three main fields: evidence based medicine, value-based medicine and narrative medicine. Brain is a place where biological, psychological, social and spiritual mechanisms meet and interact. Patient’s ability to create, live and tell a coherent, hopeful and self-actualizing story of his/her life is a fundamental component of mental health and well-being. Psychiatry may help other branches of medicine to be more successful and to promote medical psychology and person-centered medicine through empathetic communication, participatory and narrative medicine.

Tuzla, the town of salt, a beautiful city in multicultural Bosnia and Herzegovina, is a right place where we can promote ideas of creative pharmacotherapy in psychiatry from the perspective of the ICD-11. Creative pharmacotherapy in psychiatry has been promoted from 2018 through International School of Creative, Person-Centered Narrative Psychopharmacotherapy at Department of Psychiatry, Clinical Hospital Centre, Tuzla. As we all agree that there is no successful therapeutic outcome without holistic transdisciplinary integrative treatment you are welcome to join us in the beautiful city of Tuzla and to give your contribution to promotion of ICD-11 and creative pharmacotherapy. We are looking forward to welcome you in Tuzla in October and we hope that you will take back with you pleasant memories, new knowledge and solutions to dilemmas regarding existing practices and experiences.


Professor Miro Jakovljević, MD, PhD Scientific Committee

Professor Izet Pajević, MD, PhD President, Organizing Committee